Implementation and Full Time Management

whatever the platform - whether it is one you already have or are looking to expand into - we can set-up and implement your social media platforms as well as manage them every day of the week.

monthly strategy

we can create a monthly content calendar, tying in with any marketing initiatives and campaigns, seasonal events and any press / influencer activity. we can run with the calendar or hand it over to you to implement.

community engagement

engaging with your followers is an important way in which to build and maintain a relationship with them. we ensure all comments and direct messages are responded to and dealt with promptly.

maintaining an active presence on Instagram is also key to growing your profile - we can engage with the community through liking and commenting with on-brand accounts.

analytical insight with monthly reporting

we offer monthly insights into your social media platforms and results from any paid promotions that we run. at the end of every month we analyse the month’s results - to see what's working for you and what people are talking about - and use those findings to better the next month.

social media advertising

for platforms such as facebook, it's imperative you put some spend behind paid promotions to have your brand be visible to the right audience.

we can run very tailored paid promotions so that you're speaking directly with the people that are going to be interested in your brand. 

influencer marketing

influencer marketing can be a fantastic way to expand your follower base and get your brand noticed by those with a large social media following. 

we have a comprehensive and ever-expanding database of influencers + bloggers across the UK and can hand-pick those most suited to you and your business.

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