The social story combines our passion for both social media and photography. We understand that for social media to be effective, it must combine both strategy and strong visuals, as well as engaging written content.

The social story was founded by former publicist, Claire Menary. During her time working in communications, Claire has handled the press office for events such as Winter Wonderland and Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall, as well as for leading London restaurant groups including Jason Atherton’s Social Company and D&D London. 
As the blogger behind ISWAS London, Claire is constantly creating new and engaging content, working with numerous brands from the fashion, beauty and hospitality industries. It is from numerous campaigns to date and never leaving her camera at home, that Claire has developed her unique eye for aesthetics, creative writing skills and essential attention to detail.
The social story’s mission is to help brands create, grow and perfect their online presence – leading to a heightened brand awareness and, ultimately, to strengthen their market position.